Facts you need to know about Erode Turmeric

Erode Turmeric is very special compared to any other state. Turmeric is an essential spice when it comes to Indian cuisine. Indian kitchen is considered incomplete without a contribution of turmeric. Turmeric is one of the most nutritious spices and supplements in existence. Erode district in Tamil Nadu is well known for the production of superior quality turmeric.

Which city is famous for turmeric?

In India, Erode city, located in Tamil Nadu, is famous for its production of turmeric. Erode produces a variety called Chinna Nadan which can be translated as ‘local small variety’ along with finger variety and tuber variety of turmeric. Regions in and surrounding Erode like Sivagiri, kodumudi, Bhavani, Gobichettipalayam, Anthiyur, Sathyamangalam, Chennampatti, and Thalavy produce unique turmeric. 

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Which state is the largest producer of turmeric?

India is the largest producer of turmeric in the world and also the third-largest exporter of turmeric in the world. In 2021 Telangana was one of the significant producers of turmeric as it included 19.5% of land dedicated for turmeric production. Telangana overlapped Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of turmeric since 2017. Erode is a significant trading hub for turmeric in India. 

Which type of turmeric is best for recovery?

Turmeric with a high content of curcumin can be helpful to patients suffering from several diseases. The turmeric produced in Erode contains a higher content of curcumin which is great for anyone suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, etc. many studies have shown benefits of the main active ingredient of turmeric, i.e., curcumin on the brain and body. Turmeric produced in erode contains curcumin is packed with bioactive compounds and medicinal properties, helpful in treating many diseases. 

Why is erode famous for turmeric?

The turmeric produced in Erode contains 90% of its active ingredient Curcumin content. Erode is the largest producer of turmeric and the largest market of turmeric. Since 2019 the government of India has officially recognized Erode as Geographical Indication because of the significant production of high-quality turmeric production. There is a considerable demand for Erode turmeric because of its medicinal properties. 60% of turmeric produced in Erode is exported out of India because of high demand.

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Why is Erode called turmeric city?

Erode is celebrated as ‘Turmeric City’ or ‘Yellow City’ due to the production of turmeric in large quantities. Fifteen thousand acres of land in Erode is used to produce turmeric. The turmeric produced in Erode is high on curcumin, making the turmeric valuable. Curcumin is responsible for the signature bright yellow color of the spice. 

What is special in Erode?

Erode is a well-known city in Tamil Nadu located on the banks of the Kaveri river, famous for its turmeric and textile manufacturing industries. Erode is one of the largest producers of turmeric and a significant producer of hand-loom and knitwear as well. Erode is covered by three rivers at its borders, which aids in making it the hub of agriculture.

When was erode formed?

Erode was considered a part of the Coimbatore district. On the 17th of September 1979, Erode declared a city of its own and was renamed ‘Periyar district .’ In 1996, it was again renamed Erode district. Erode is one of the 30 districts of Tamil Nadu and is well known for both agriculture and industry.

Which country produces the best turmeric?

World’s largest producer and exporter in India. The turmeric grown in India is considered to have a high dose of curcumin content. India is responsible for 80% production of turmeric in the world, and 60% of turmeric exports happen from India. India is well known for its high-quality organic spices production. Turmeric in the middle east is also known as Indian Saffron because of its premium quality and health benefits. 

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