Top 12 Coriander Seeds Benefits

A brief introduction of coriander seeds

Dried seeds or fruit derived from the plant Coriandum Sativum are called coriander seeds or dhaniya from the parsley family. Since ancient times, coriander seed has been a distinct ingredient used for culinary purposes. Coriander seeds add warm and earthy tones along with a citrus flavor to your home-cooked food. Fresh coriander is refreshing and mildly sweet, whereas, on the other hand, coriander seeds leave earthy and tart flavor after taste on the tongue.

Coriander seeds benefits for health:

Coriander seeds Improves digestive health

The antioxidant properties and dietary fiber in coriander seeds help improve your metabolism and digestive health. It also comes in handy for treating issues that are commonly related to digestion, for example, bloating, indigestion, and constipation, in addition to many more.

coriander seeds benefits

Coriander Helps to maintain blood sugar levels

Coriander seeds are full of ethanol, known for decreasing blood sugar levels and hence help keep blood sugar levels stable. Coriander seeds also help preserve insulin activity, leading to maintaining blood sugar levels on a check.

Helps in Heart disease

Coriander seeds are rich in copper, zinc, iron, and many more significant minerals to raise the number of RBCs and boost heart health. It helps increase metabolism, which aids in a better and healthier heart. A healthy heart leads to a happier and fitter lifestyle.

Maintains cholesterol

According to research, coriander seeds help increase HDL, i.e., good cholesterol, and reduce LDL, i.e., the bad cholesterol. Two tablespoons of coriander seeds in a glass of water every day would help keep your cholesterol in check. Better cholesterol levels aid in better heart health as well.

Combating food poisoning

Coriander seeds don’t just make your food tastier but also help combat food poisoning as well. A chemical called dodecenal found in coriander seeds helps reduce harmful bacteria named salmonella, which is the cause of both standard and fatal food poisoning. Dodecenal has been considered a more robust alternative to killing bacteria than antibiotic or gentamicin used commonly.

Best in Treating insomnia

Coriander seeds come in handy while treating insomnia and help you achieve a sound sleep and relieve your anxiety. An aqueous extract found in coriander seeds helps keep your anxiety and stress at bay and has the effect of sedative-hypnotic, which enables you to get sound sleep and lengthen your sleep duration.

Best for Healthy bones

Coriander seeds are packed with nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and manganese, which help keep your bones strong and help with quick recovery. Coriander seeds also help prevent you from contracting any bone-related diseases. Adding coriander seeds to your daily diet could potentially make your bones stronger and healthier.

Coriander helps for healthy eyesight

Coriander seeds are densely rich in vitamin A accompanied by antioxidants that belong to the carotenoid class, which helps improve your eyesight. Coriander seeds are also helpful in repelling conjunctivitis and old age-related degenerative disorders regarding vision.

Coriander seeds as Anti-cancer agent

Coriander seeds have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce the growth of cancer cells in the stomach, prostate, colon, breast, and lungs. Linalool found in coriander seeds affects the immune system and help protect vital organs against infectious diseases.

Boosting immunity

There are antioxidants present in coriander seeds known for improving your immunity. Anyone with impregnable immunity can effectively fight free radical damage. A strong immunity enables you to defeat infections or diseases, and coriander seeds can help you achieve it.

Skin health

Coriander seeds are loaded with healthy nutrients like antioxidants, vitamin C and minerals that nurture healthy skin. Coriander seeds also provide relief to your skin from rashes and sunburns. They are considered to work as an anti-bacterial, detoxifiers, and anti-inflammatory agents, which favor your skin.

Reducing swelling and inflammation

Coriander seeds have inflammatory properties, making them perfect for reducing inflammation in the body. The antioxidants present in coriander seeds help with fighting infections. It is most effective when soothing the skin when it is affected by inflammatory skin diseases.

To sum it all up, coriander seeds with Indian spices make your food tastier and help you prevent a plethora of diseases as it is full of valuable and healthy nutrients. From healthy skin to preventing heart diseases, coriander seeds offer abundant benefits to your body. Consuming a healthy amount of coriander seeds could potentially be good for your health.

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